About RedLine Photo

With our visual services we strive to
to capture all the action at your event.

- Nick Schleitwiler

What we do?

We work to photograph all the fast paced
action in the motor sports world!


Every event holds different and exciting challenges that we try to capture in an equally unique way.


We don't just enjoy capturing imagery at motor sports events, we're motor sports enthusiasts ourselves!


Shooting more angles than a used car salesman! We promise our work speaks volumes and encourage you to consider us at your next event!

Our skills

A brief overview of the skills we bring to the track... er table.



Ever want to capture yourself racing through the track from your point of view? We can help.



We pride ourselves on utilizing the very best in photo technology to capture the events we're apart of. There's also no better investment quite like the experience our team has!



Looking to promote next year's annual event? Need the very best imagery to capture your audience? That's why we're here!

You don’t take a photograph, you make it.

Ansel Adams


A snapshot, if you will, of some of our work.

Below are a selection of what we've been doing recently.

Feel free to order prints from our Gallery page.

Good design is good business

Thomas J. Watson


We always love to hear from people.
If you want to know our service or simply ‘Say Hello’ feel free to contact us.